Renewal of the Main Agreement for the Bargaining Council for the Food, Retail, Restaurant, Catering, and Allied Trades (Pretoria)

According to the Government Gazette Vol. 704, No. 11670, published on 23 February 2024, the Main Collective Agreement has been renewed until the end of February 2025 and extended to non-parties to the agreement. 

Members engaged in said industry should take note of Sections 23(3) and 31(c) of the Labour Relations Act (LRA) which determines that a Collective Agreement (agreement between the parties as such or, in the case of a specific industry, the Bargaining Council’s Collective Agreement) may cause the conditions of employment to be adjusted. Should there be a conflict between any conditions stipulated by law, the Labour Relations Act (LRA) will always receive preference. 

Chapter 7 of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA) determines that a Bargaining Council’s Collective Agreement may amend any basic condition of the BCEA, provided that it will not result in less favourable terms. 

Any employee who earns below National Minimum Wage must be brought in line with the more favourable amount which is R27.58 from 01 March 2024 for each ordinary hour worked.

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