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The Proactive Employers’ Association of South Africa is a non-profit Employers Organisation registered with the Department of Employment and Labour, with a focus on being the ‘The Voice of the Employer’ in an everyday labour law environment.

Who we are

PEASA is more than just a logo or acronym. It’s the embodiment of trust, progress, labour peace and concord – the bridge guiding and connecting employers to success.

As the leading voice for the employer, PEASA advocates and empowers businesses of all sizes and sectors across South Africa to thrive in a fair and balanced labour environment.

Here’s what makes PEASA unique:

By becoming a member of PEASA, you gain access to extensive experience, vast industry knowledge and a strong network of employers and key role players in the industry.

Extensive Experience

PEASA is a registered employer’s association with over 18 years of experience advocating for fair and balanced labour practices.

Broad Representation

Our members come from all sectors across South Africa, uniting for a strong collective voice.

Industry Expertise

PEASA does not only represent employers with labour disputes in diverse labour forums like the Bargaining Councils, the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA), and Labour Court, but also engages in collective bargaining.

Negotiation Power

We are a party to the Bargaining Council for the Food Retail, Restaurant, Catering and Allied Trades (BC FOOD Pretoria) and play a vital role in negotiating and bargaining conditions of employment for the establishment of a Main Agreement.

Our History

The Proactive Employers’ Association of South Africa (PEASA) has a rich history. Originally registered with the Department of Employment and Labour as the Professional Caterers Association (PCA) back in 2005, focusing mainly on the food and hospitality industry, PEASA’s membership growth led to an expansion into different sectors over the years, that deemed it necessary for a name change.

On 29 October of 2015, PEASA received its Certificate of Registration as an Employers’ Organisation in terms of section 96(7)(a) read with section 101(7) of the Labour Relations Act, 1995 as the Proactive Employers’ Association of South Africa.


The South African labour landscape can be complex. That’s where we come in. We act as your champion at the negotiating table, representing your interests as an employer in discussions at the Bargaining Council for the Food Retail, Restaurant, Catering and Allied Trades with trade unions.

When it comes to changes in wage structures and employment conditions, we fight to ensure these adjustments are fair and sustainable for both employer and employee.

Beyond basic representation, we actively participate in shaping the future of work in South Africa. We understand the unique challenges faced by various sectors and we use this knowledge to lobby for industry-specific terms, like working hours and wages. Our goal is to create a legislative environment that fosters growth and stability.

The world of labour law can be a labyrinth, filled with twists and turns. But you don’t have to navigate it alone. As a PEASA member, you gain access to our team of experts who stay constantly updated on the latest legislative changes. We provide clear and concise information about your rights, risks and responsibilities as an employer – ensuring you remain informed and compliant with all relevant labour laws.

Employment issues can arise unexpectedly. That’s why PEASA offers members access to professional labour advice whenever you need it most. Our team can guide you through complex situations like disciplinary hearings, dismissals, retrenchments and unfair labour practices. With PEASA by your side, you can approach these challenges with confidence and a clear understanding of your options.

Similar to an employee being represented by a Trade Union, PEASA as the Employers’ Organisation is ready to assist and represent you, as the employer, in the modern-day labour law sphere when it comes to CCMA and Bargaining Council disputes. This is PEASA, this is your bridge, let it empower you.

What We Do

• We will provide you with online training on ‘hot labour law topics.’

• We lobby for industry-specific terms like working hours and wages.

• We provide members with up-to-date labour law information and legislative amendments.

• We offer professional advice on labour matters including, but not limited to, disciplinary hearings, dismissals, union negotiations, strikes and retrenchments.

• We offer expert and professional representation to employers engaged in Labour Disputes.

The Voice of the Employer

We engage members in services and advice including, but not limited to, collective bargaining and processes of dispute resolution, which includes representation in the CCMA (Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration) as well as Bargaining Councils and Statutory Councils.

We also provide members with unlimited access to the PEASA hotline and send out frequent updates on amended / new legislative changes and implementations.


A collection of downloadable resources is available to enhance your understanding of current labour law.

These resources encompass recent legal updates, key legislation such as the BCEA, LRA, OHSA, and EE, dispute resolution through the CCMA, and a comprehensive overview of Bargaining Councils.

Additionally, we offer online training materials and archived webinars.

Business Hours

Monday to Thursday
07:00 to 16:00
07:00 to 13:30

Contact Us

First Floor, 242 Jean Avenue, Die Hoewes, Centurion, Gauteng
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