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“PEASA is an Employers Association which has been established to represent Employers in all Trade Industries across South Africa.  We are also a party to the Bargaining Council for the Food Retail, Restaurants, Catering and Allied Trades (Pretoria).  PEASA, however, has been representing Employers not only in the above mentioned Bargaining Council, but has extended its reach to all other Trade Industries within South Africa. PEASA has been representing Employers in all statutory councils such as the Dispute Resolution Centre (MIBCO), the Furniture Bargaining Council, Bargaining Council for the Food Retail, Restaurants, Catering and Allied Trades as well as the Commission for Conciliation Mediation and Arbitration for the greater part of four decades.  PEASA has furthermore, played an integral roll in the negotiations with various unions for the establishment  and implementation of Main Agreements, including wages and allowances across various Trade Industries”

Why Join PEASA?
  • PEASA will undertake to negotiate any changes to wage structures and conditions of Employment on your behalf;
  • You will have the opportunity to raise your voice and mandate PEASA to negotiate industry specific conditions such as wages, working hours and specific terms of and conditions of Employment. PEASA therefore provides Employers with a voice to raise Industry specific Concerns;
  • PEASA will provide you with up to date information such as the gazetted Wages and industry specific terms and conditions of Employment the moment same becomes available. You will therefore be free to focus on your business instead of concerning yourself with intricacies of the Legislative process;
  • PEASA will also provide you with professional Labour Advice to assist you to comply with the relevant Labour Laws relating to, Disciplinary Hearings, Dismissals, Retrenchments and Unfair Labour Practices;
  • PEASA will also provide you with updates and amendments of the Labour Legislation in South Africa, keeping you up to date every step of the way;
Benefits of Joining PEASA?

On-going Training

Industry Focused

Employer Representation

Latest Trends

Telephonic Support

Legislative News

What is the costs involved?

 PEASA membership is only R 700,00 per annum per establishment and therefore, for less than R 60.00 per month, you will form part of an Association whom prides itself in providing you with sound advise and assisting you in achieving your business goals;

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